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Office of Adult Education

Number [illegible]

Date: [illegible]

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Ministry of Culture [Education]


Ms. Effat Pour-Khesali – applicant for license to operate a makeup school

With reference to your request of 17/10/1342 [7 January 1964] to obtain a license, you have not yet attended to fill out the necessary papers for your application.  Here below is a list of conditions for issuance of business license for your information.

1- Religion: Shia Moslem, or official minorities (Christian - Zoroastrian - Jewish)

2- Nationality: Iranian

3- Age: no less than twenty years

Should you have the noted qualifications, please apply at the office as soon as possible to complete your file and enrol in the technical qualifications assessment exam for training schools, to be held at 9:00 am on Saturday 23/3/1343 [13 June 1964], at Khajeh-Nouri Institute of Fine Arts to receive your admission card.


President of the Office of Adult Education - Naghib Zadeh