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Date: 8/11/1363 [28 January 1985]

Number: 44/3601



Islamic Republic of Iran


In the Name of God, the Exalted

Mrs. Paridokht Khaze


The Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office in response to communications from this court has noted that Mrs. Paridokht Khaze attended the Prosecutor’s Office on 29/10/1363 [19 January 1985] and stated that she was of the belief that her apartment was also confiscated, and thus began a process of complaint in 1362 [1983], whereas the apartment on the fourth floor should be in the possession of the complainant. The units on the lower level, however, were confiscated because their occupants have left the country. Please inform this court in writing of the details on this issue.

Head of the Supreme Court of the Iranian Shari’a Judiciary  

Seyyed Jafar Karimi [signature]

[official stamp] Judiciary Disciplinary Court for Revolutionary Courts and Prosecutors’ Offices

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