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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In His Exalted Name


Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, Mashhad

Date: 19/2/1363 [9 May 1984]

Number: 27/5980


[official stamp with number and date] [illegible]


The Esteemed Director General of [the] Khorasan Health Department


You are hereby informed that Mr. Rouhollah Eshraghi, son of Nematollah, and retired employee of the Malaria Eradication Office, was tried in the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Mashhad on the charge of anti-revolutionary activities for membership in the Local Baha’i Assembly, and having responsibilities in this assembly, despite his knowledge of the government ban.  He was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and five years’ suspended imprisonment, and monetary fine of 50,000 tuman. Considering that the aforementioned is a Baha’i, and by law not entitled to pension, [you are directed to] take the necessary action to cease payment to him.

[signature over official stamp]

Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, Mashhad

[stamp:] Indexed