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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Health

Northern Tehran Region

Shahid Dr. Morteza Labbafinejad Medical Center




This is to certify that:

Mr. Fereidoun Shomali had suffered from a severe burn in his left eye, during a fire accident. So far he has been gone under local palpebra operation twice. Presently he complains & suffers from extreme pain in his eyes. Severe phalogosis is specially observed in cornea, and the lachrymal channel of the patient is closed. The present damages & suffering cannot be treated by medicine & drugs. It is necessary and required that the patient to be undergone surgical operation for cornea grafting and lachrymal channel, as soon as  possible, within ,at most, next six months in order to prevent further damages in future.


[official stamp] Islamic Republic of Iran