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Islamic Republic of Iran

The Islamic Consultative Assembly [Iranian Parliament]

The Commission for Article 90

Number: 6-12536

Date: 13 Bahman 1371 [02 February 1993]

Includes Annex


In the Name of God

Hojjatol-Islam Raiesi

Esteemed Islamic Revolutionary Head Prosecutor



Please find enclosed copies of grievances from Mrs. Paridokht Vahdat-Hagh, dated 25 Shahrivar 1371 [16 September 1992] and 28 Aban 1371 [19 November 1992], (in four pages) and five pages. In regards to a file under reference number 12298/25, dated 13 Ordibehesht 1361 [3 May 1982], please [issue an] order to examine the grievances and to administer justice according to the regulations, and to inform us of the results.

With respect

Director of the Commission for Article 90

Mohammad-Ali Sharee

[Signature over official stamp]


Copy: for Appellant’s information