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Islamic Republic of Iran

The Islamic Consultative Assembly [Iranian Parliament]

The Commission for Article 90

Number: 6-12536

Date: 13/11/1371 [02 February 1993]

Includes Annex

In the Name of God

Hojjat al-Islam Raisi

Esteemed Islamic Revolutionary Head Prosecutor



Please find enclosed copies of grievances from Mrs. Paridokht Vahdat-Hagh, dated 25/06/1371 [16 September 1992] and 28/08/1371 [19 November 1992], (in four pages) and five pages. In regards to a file under reference number 12298/25, dated 13/02/1361 [3 May 1982], please [issue an] order to examine the grievances and to administer justice according to the regulations, and to inform us of the results.

With respect

Director of the Commission for Article 90

Mohammad Ali Sharee

[signature over official stamp]

Copy: for Appellant’s information