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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Number: 1450

Office: -----

Date: 13 Mordad 1344 [04 August 1965]

Enclosure: 1



Ministry of Roads and Transportation


Ministry of Roads Personnel Office

Subject: [Request for the] return of Mr. Mehrnoush Talaie’s employment application form

In reference to letter Number: 24878 dated 22 Tir 1344 [13 July 1965] and [letter Number] 1159 dated 23 Tir 1344 [14 July 1965] we advise that, because a mistake has been made in completing the employment application of Mr. Mehrnoush Talaie, an employee of this office, we would like to request that arrangements be made for the application to be returned [to this office] so that it can be resubmitted after corrections have been made.


Head of Secretariat and Statistics – Engineer Khalighi

Certified Copy


Human Resources Secretariat 29448

23 Mordad 1344 [14 Aug 1965]