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(Licensed Officially by the Ministry of Justice)

Navy of Islamic Republic of Iran

The Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran

(Department of Personnel of the Army Commanders)

Naval Admiral Commissioner: [Mr.] Avaz Golshan


No. : 6/376/701/03/66

Date: 18 Farvardin 1359 [7 April 1980]

Attachment – one page

Reference to order No.: 1358/22/3/402/04/101 of the Joint Staff of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran


The above-mentioned officer will be dismissed from service, for the reason of being Baha’i, in accordance with the provisions of the above order, as of 1 Bahman 1358 [21 January 1980].

In accordance with order No. 603/05/6/27 - 25 Esfand 1358 [16 March 1980], he has referred and has provided a written affidavit that he will not engage in [implementing] any propagation or ideological activities.

Since his service period is less than 15 years, you are requested to disregard his dismissal and kindly take action on purchasing his service. His one-page affidavit is presented for your information attached/M

Signed: Acting Chief, [Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.] [N.I.R.G.] -Admiral Tabatabaei

Acting Deputy Personnel [Department] – Captain 1- Afzali

Head of Personnel Management - Captain 2 - Daghigh

Acting Chief, Personnel Dept. Officers of Joint Staff and Marine Commissioner - Navigation Captain Kiasat


[Four (4) signatures] 11 Farvardin 1359 [31 March 1980]

Recipient: -----


[Signature and stamp]

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[Stamp:] Document number 66 - Action by: Officer Moini