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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Office of] New Employees


[Date:] 27/12/1330 [18 March 1952];

[Number:] 1079




Department of Secondary Education


In reference to your letter No. 536 / M, 21/12/1330 [12 March 1952], as stated in order No. 9/35011/16983 – 23/6/1330 [15September 1951], before the prospective employees submit their full employment records, there is no permission for their engagement in the service, and Mr. Manouchehr Samadani has been working in that office for a short time due to the office’s lack of attention to the rules and prescribed procedure. Owing to the fact that the payment of salary, even for a short period, requires the issuance of an employment order, it is not possible to issue an employment order for the duration which he has worked. Please instruct that steps be taken to pay his salary in any way that is possible [illegible] and seems appropriate to that office.


Office of Personnel, Ministry of Culture, [signature], [signature]


[Handwritten note:] Archive, [Signature], 28/6/1331 [19 September 1952].