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Vice-Director of Personnel Office of NZAJA[1] (Management of Office of Personnel for Commissioned Officers)

Recipients: Unit 1 Z

[Re:] Personnel who are followers of the Baha’i sect

701/03/40/Sh [illegible]

20 Mordad 1358 [11 August 1979]

Urgent and Confidential



Please instruct [your staff] to prepare a list of the names of all staff members (officers, Homafar[2] servicemen, ranking officers, and administrative staff) of your unit who are followers of the Baha’i sect as set out in the attached table, and send it to the office of NZAJA, within a maximum of one week [from receipt of this letter].

Deputy Personnel of NZAJA - Army Staff Colonel Tavana

Number----------Rank and Class---------Given name and Surname-------Father’s Name--------Birth Certificate Number-----Place of Issue-------

701-03-15 [illegible]/15 - 22 Mordad 1358 [13 August 1979]

Copy of the above is sent to all related units to prepare a list of names of all personnel who are followers of the Baha’i sect. Please complete and send the form to the Management Office.

On behalf of [illegible] NZAJA Colonel [illegible]



[1] [Ground Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army]

[2] [Air Force Technical Officers]