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Ministry of Posts, Telegraph, and Telephone


From Shahi to T [Tehran]; Receipt number: 1903, Telegraph number: 54; The number of words: 180, Original date: 7 [Mordad], date received: 10 Mordad 1326 [2 August 1947]


National Consultative Assembly

Copy to Mr. Ashraf, Prime Minister,

Copy to Ministry of Education

Copies to [Newspapers] Parcham-e Islam, Ayeen-e Islam, Donya-e of Islam, Atash, Mard-e Emrooz, Nejat-e Iran

We, the residents of Shahi, send our children to school for Islamic education. However, we [have found that] a number of teachers who are Baha’is are teaching their own religion to our children.  Therefore, we urgently request that you expel them from their jobs.  If they continue to stay, in order to preserve the religion of Islam we will have to refrain from sending our children to school.

On behalf of 4,000 people: Kouchaksaraie, Heidar Ranjbar.  On behalf of businessmen: Haji Adelani.  On behalf of Saghat Foroshan: Matini.  On behalf of the committee of Azerbaijans residents: Seyyed Saleh Seyyedein, Khodadadi.  On behalf of the workers: Zareie, Heidarian.  On behalf of 3,000 people living in Hasanabad: Morad Khalili.  On behalf of Shahmirzadi residents: Ahmad Tousi.  On behalf of bakers: Abdolali Yazdanian.  On behalf of Seyyed Mahalleh residents: Eskandar Nasiri.  On behalf of Sakhaniha: Aminzadeh.  On behalf of Kafshgarkoleiha: YahyaMontazeri.  Representative from the media: Ghorban-Ali Rouhi.


[Margin 1:] [Stamp: Telegraph Office, Tehran].

[Margin 2:] [Stamp: Arrival in the Office of Prime Ministers, number 9787, Date: 11 Mordad 1326 [3 August 1947]].

[Margin 3:] To be presented.

[Margin 4:] To be communicated to the Ministry of Education.