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Ministry of Interior

Governorate of the City of Kashan

[Date:] 31/3/1324 [21 June 1945]

[No numbers; date:]

[Copy of the letter from Aran Alderman]


To the esteemed Governor of the City of Kashan


We respectfully convey the following: [In regard to] the report of 29/3/1324 [19 June 1945], you came to Aran village and resolved the issues with the utmost equanimity, thus providing for the serenity of the residents in every aspect.  Subsequently, two gendarmes [police officers] came here again and publicly proclaimed that martial law was to be established, and no one had the right of passage until  4:00in the night[1].  But since most of the residents of this village are farmers and have to go to their farms during the night , we appeal to you to, if possible, order the termination of this [martial law,[ so that the farmers may be free to work and pray for you.  With offering of the highest respect.


Official Alderman of Aran, Sharif


Copy corresponds with the original registered as confidential, number 20 – 31/3/1324 [21 June 1945], [Signature]


[1] [It may meant in the morning]