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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Date:] 20 Sha‘ban 1363 [19 Mordad 1323] [10 August 1944]


May my affectionate [feelings] be a sacrifice to thee,[1]


I pray God to continue with His blessings upon you. Although I have not been privileged enough to present in person to you my sincerity, which I was obliged by my late father to do, it has also been and still is my religious duty to fulfil such an obligation. At all times, my tongue has moved to pray for you, the renowned religious and high spiritual leader.


Apart from offering my servitude and sincerity, I am taking your time [to inform you] of the recent incident of Shahroud and the fighting between the Baha’is and the Muslims. For some time, this perverse group has been conducting anti-Islamic propaganda and counter-religious rioting; not being satisfied with this, they have tried to find excuses and have become so bold and daring that in front of numerous Muslims, next to the police station, they impudently violated the religion [of Islam] and threatened to slay the Muslims.


On the morning of the eighteenth of the current month, they entered the bazaar armed with guns, attacking the Muslim shopkeepers, injuring a number of them to the extent that one of them is close to death. In that instance, all the shopkeepers closed their businesses and a fight broke out between the Muslims and the Baha’is, and as a result, some of the Baha’is were killed; by noon, the misfortune had ended.


At this moment the town is peaceful, yet it is possible that some, subversively, with financial resources, will try to conspire and take some harmful actions against the Muslims; as a result, some innocent Muslims may be prosecuted, notwithstanding that such actions may again lead to inciting the feelings of the Muslims and repeating the rebellion, which will be the worst setback and blow to the sacred world of Islam. To keep the status of religion elevated, for the protection of the lives and honour of the Muslims, for the tranquillity of the citizens, I plead with you—not just I, but eighteen thousand inhabitants of this Islamic town—to immediately take the necessary actions and not to let the enemies of religion attempt to make anti-religious moves and prosecute the innocent Muslims.


O honourable Ayatollah, O powerful leader of the Muslims, O forerunner of spirituality, the [eyes] of the Muslims are directed towards your [strong] support, and are expecting prompt actions by your magnanimity. Although the detailed letter which was signed by the learned people of Shahroud was submitted to your presence, and I explained the matter comprehensively in detail, yet again for your esteemed and highly valued leader [ship], I reiterate, to bring to your attention the calling of the [Illegible] followers of the holy religion of Islam. To extend my pleas beyond what I have written here, I consider to be presumptuous. At the end, I pray to God for the prolongation of your life and grandeur. Expecting to hear the news of your high endeavours.


The insignificant one who prays for you,


Abdollah-ibn Ahmad-al Shahroudi

20 Sha‘aban 1363 [19 Mordad 1323] [10 August 1944]




[1] [The addressee may have been Ayatollah, Aqa Mir Seyyed Mohammad Behbahani]