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Public Complaints Investigation Centre


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the President

In the Name of God


Number: 701/48054

Date: 2 Khordad 1389 [23 May 2010]

Enclosure: -----


(Now that you/we are incapable of sufficiently praising and thanking Him for His infinite blessings, we must not neglect serving His creatures for service to them is service to God, and all are from Him) Imam Khomeini

To: Respected Police Commander of Mazandaran Province

Subject: Investigation of attached document


In view of the emphasis placed by the esteemed President on addressing the issues and problems of the people, we attach a copy of the letter written by Mr. Sohrab Laghaie regarding the sealing of the shop belonging to him and his wife.

Please issue an order for appropriate action to be taken to investigate this matter and inform this office of the results. /A

Mashallah Safa

Head of Centre and Director General of Investigation of Public Complaints and Requests

On behalf of Mostafa Jozini [Signature]

[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Esteemed Expert for the Office [Illegible]

No response has been received.

10 Dey 1389 [31 December 2010]