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Islamic Republic of Iran

President of the Islamic Republic


Date: 9/02/ [7]6 [29 April 1997]

Number: Sh/6006


In the Name of God,


Respected director of Division in Charge of Enforcing the Imam’s Order



Enclosed is a facsimile of the letter sent by Ms Nahid Enayati, in which she claims that her property has been mistakenly confiscated and has requested for reviewing the status [of ownership of] the above-mentioned property.

Kindly instruct [your office] to investigate and carry out the necessary action and notify the applicant and this Head Office of the outcome [of your review].


Naser Salmasi

Deputy of Public Relations and Complaints Investigation Head Office



  • Applicant


[Handwritten note, number and date at the bottom of the page]

Ta, T 13099

17 [/4/76] [18 July 1997]