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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Islamic Human Rights Commission

[Organization name in English]


In the Name of God


Date: 29/6/75 [19 September 1996]

Number: HB/11979/75


Vice-Chair of the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz

Respected Brother Mr. Dorji


With greetings


Respectfully, following a telephone conversation on 28/6/75 [18 September 1996], fax number HB/11979/75, dated 28/6/75 [18 September 1996], and also a telephone conversation on 29/6/75 [19 September 1996] about Mr. Ali Habibi, Birth Certificate number [redacted], and Sakineh Haghdoust, Birth Certificate number [redacted], who are considered to be in special circumstances, you said [they] should visit the Islamic Court of Shiraz on Saturday.  I introduce them herewith and ask you to examine their claims of being innocent, whether right or wrong, and [investigate] the possibility that they may have similar names [to that of the accused] as soon as possible, and report your findings to the Commission, so that, should their claim be correct, their problems will be resolved.


Secretariat, Islamic Human Rights Commission


[Official Stamp] Islamic Human Rights Commission

Address: Tehran [Address]

[Stamp] Postal Area 15 Tehran

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