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[Number:] 481

[Date:] 27/05/1358 [18 August 1979]


The Central Bank of Iran

Secretariat of the Consolidated Board of Bank Directors


Subject: Mrs. Salehi’s employment

This is to inform you that Mrs. Tahereh Salehi was an employee of the company from 14/02/1355 [4 May 1976] to early Bahman 1357 [January 1979], and that owing to her religious beliefs as a Baha’i and given the company has been continuously is under threat of arson by various groups and individuals, she has been has been temporarily dismissed from her employment.

In her repeated communications with the company from the beginning of this year, she has requested to be reinstated in her position in the company or at least be provided a reason for her dismissal.

In view of the above, kindly provide guidance on this matter, including whether the company should proceed with dismissing her or if her employment should be reinstated.


I thank you in advance for your attention,

Respectfully, Director-General,

Ahmad-Ali Ataei [signature]

Secretariat Office of the Cash and Credit Council and the Board of Directors

Number 2669

Date: 04/06/1358 [26 August 1979]