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[Personal information has been redacted.]


From: Group 22 Artillery [illegible]

To: TF[1] of NZAJA[2] (Head of Personnel and Human Resources of Officers)


Number: [A B]/701-03-26

Date: 13/11/1358 [2 February 1980]


In the Name of God


Subject: Dismissal of the officers –Followers of the Baha’i sect

Reference Order no. 403-03-66, dated 3/11/1358 [23 January 1980]

The three officers mentioned hereunder, who were dismissed on 1/10/1358 [22/12/1979] from the Army of the Islamic Republic due to their [adherence] to the Baha’i sect, have performed satisfactory service in this unit and have not been engaged in any religious propaganda.  It is therefore requested that arrangements be made to issue further instructions regarding their retirement in accordance with Clause 2 of the above order, and [that we be] advised of the results.


Group 22 Artillery Commander – Colonel Reza Rezaie



1- Major Samiollah Tavakkoli

2- Major Manouchehr Aslahpazir

3- First Lieutenant Mostafa Khatibi





[1] [Initials:  Commander of Division”]

[2] [Acronym: Ground Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran Army]