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The dawn of the revolution is the rising of the sun of independence and freedom. “Imam Khomeini”


From: The Supervision Office of Public Places, Tehran

To: The Esteemed Head of the Association for Union Affairs

Subject: Submitting information about the Baha’is who are members of the Union


Salutation to Mohammad may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him and His family. Respectfully, please take appropriate measures to immediately forward to our office particulars of the Baha’is who are active members of the union in the city of Karaj both those with and without a business license according to the following chart:

- Line/Section

- Name and Surname

- Father’s Name

- National ID Number

- Place of Birth

- Date of Birth

- Type of Work

- Responsibility –Manager-----

- Responsibility – Agent/liaison-----

- Responsibility – Staff-----

- Responsibility – Laborer-----

- Status of the business license – Not Licensed-----

- Status of the business license – Licensed-----

- Period in operation-----


Head of the Supervision Office of Public Places, F, A, A Tehran

Colonel Pasdar [revolutionary guard], Ḥabibollah Ṣadeghi

[signature over official stamp]


No. 3/631

29/11/1388 [18 February 2010]