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21 Shahrivar 1361 [12 September 1982]

In the Name of God

Honourable Prosecutor’s Office in the Central Province – Brother, Haj Seyyed Asadollah Lajevardi


We, the signatories below are the inmates of Room 11, Ward 7, Solitary Unit 1 (Baha’i minority), and we are mostly over 60 years of age. We have been serving our sentences in various wards for some time and according to the prison administrators and officers, we have not caused the slightest inconvenience to the prison authorities. It has now been more than six months since we have been transferred from Ward 3, Unit 3 to Ward 7, Unit 1 in the solitary penal section. Unfortunately, as you know, the current conditions of this ward are very unsuitable and we are under pressure, in terms of accommodation, sleeping area and our health hygiene. Our request is that since there is no end date for the length of imprisonment in the sentences issued, please order that we be transferred to a public ward that has the usual facilities of a prison

Yours sincerely


[Signatories to the letter]

Saied Mostaghel

Parviz Yazdani

Rezvan Sanaie



Kamal Eshraghi

Ataollah Sanaie

Habibollah Mohandesi

Ali Owrang

Haydar-Ali Towdeie

Abdol-Shoghi Tebyani