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[The first page]

The exalted Ministry of Education and Endowments

Public Education Department

Submitter:  Hassan Foadi, principal of the seven-year school of Vahdat-e Bashar [Unity of Mankind] in Kashan


[The second page]

Exalted Ministry of Education and Endowments, long live its majesty

Esteemed Department of Public Education,

I respectfully submit that the private school of Vahdat-e Bashar of Kashan, which has been running for 23 years according to the programme of the respected ministry, and has offered its educational services to the society and continues to do so, only serves up to seventh grade. The students, if unable to pay, are forced to discontinue their education [illegible] and in the case of [illegible] impose huge expenses on their parents for studying in the centre [capital].

Because this institution is in dire need of expansion of its classes, I request your honourable position to please grant permission for the [beginning] first cycle of the Middle School, and in this way make the Kashan society indebted to [illegible] the good intention of your exalted ministry.

I would like to explain that the aforementioned school will definitely be supplemented, as always in the past, for its finances and its teachers.

For the approval of my submissions, if needed, please also enquire of the respected head of [the department in] Kashan, and since the Girls School of Vahdat-e Bashar only offers up to the fifth grade, it is requested that based on the above information, [you] please grant permission for the opening of the sixth grade, as well. 

Finally, I would like to request [that you] please arrange and order that the aforementioned permission be granted to yours truly, as soon as possible so that [I] will have enough time to provide the means for the expansion of the school.

The Principal of the Seventh Grade School of Vahdat-e Bashar of Kashan



[Handwritten note on top of the second page]

Mr. Eftekhar; Reply according to the regulations, Mozaffari; 2 Mordad 10 [1310] [25 July 1931]


[Stamp:] [Illegible]

Number:  4747/10 Mordad 10 [1310] [25 July 1931]