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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Education,

New Employees Office


Date: 5 Bahman 1330 [26 January 1952]

Number: 56582/9


Technical and Vocational Training Organization


Please have the records of Mr. Manouchehr Samadani investigated, in order to clarify whether he has indeed passed the relevant tests for electrical engineering of the Higher Technical College; then approve and validate his bachelor’s degree and inform this department of the outcome.


Head of the Department of General Issues [Sani’i]


Copy attached to the indicative number 22779, 24 Bahman 1330 [14 February 1952] for information dispatched to the Department of Intermediate Training.


[Signature], 2 Bahman 1330 [23 January 1952]

[Signature], 4/11 [25 January 1952]