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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God


I am Bahaoddin Samimi Darzikolaie with ID card number [redacted], issued at [redacted] in city of Babol, Mazandaran province with commercial business Fazel Stationery, situated at [redacted].

I have been doing business in this place for about 25 years, alongside my respected neighbours. During these years, because of my belief, I have always suspended work and closed my shop, during my holidays. I have business permit and have neither committed any business crime nor have had morality problems nor any other problem that might have harmed my neighbours, my clients or my compatriots, nor committed anything against my country’s Constitution.

Is preventing the business and livelihood of an Iranian citizen due to his beliefs a violation of law? According to Article 14 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, every Iranian with any belief or religion has the right to live and earn a living.

Therefore, since I have been carrying out my business with honesty and integrity and have committed no crime, and there is no reason for sealing my business premises, I request that you order the necessary instructions to resolve the problem and unseal my shop.

With appreciation,

[Signatures of people]