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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone,

[Number:] 1775

[Date:] 6 Mordad 1323 [28 July 1944]

Copy of Shahroud’s Report


Ministry - Following report [number]1771 [ dated] 2 Mordad 1323 [24 July 1944], during the recent days, the Baha’i group, with the excuse of protecting themselves, has been gathering day and night in a certain place and engaging themselves in plotting activities.

Today at 20:20, they had gathered in the house of Riazollah Tebyani, which is situated on the road to Bagh-e Zendan, and have been engaged in their own actions. A few observant individuals, as passers-by, start insulting the Baha’i Faith. The Baha’is, from the rooftop of the house of Riazollah Tebyani, threw stones at them and as a result, they injured the heads of Mrs. Leyli Toroudi and Mohammad-Ali Mokari. A number of the inhabitants have gathered in that place and have been shouting obscenities. The heads of the police and gendarmerie came to the scene and stopped the tumult of the residents, dispersed the crowd and [restored] order. The case has been under investigation. 1775 - 6 Mordad 1323 [28 July 1944].



[Stamp: Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone] The copy is identical to the original

[Form No:] 202 N