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Ministry of Post, Telegram and Telephone

Number: 169

Date: 23 Mordad 1323 [14 August 1944]

Copy of the report of Sangsar


Urgent - The Ministry cordially informs [you] that:

A while ago, some of the Baha’is of Sangsar went to Shahroud in order to promote their belief. The people of Shahroud found out about this, and on 17 Mordad a fight broke out between the Muslims and the Baha’is and three Baha’is were killed. As a result of this, all the Baha’is who had gone for the promotion, from whatever city, went to Sangsar. Every night there was a committee meeting consisting of some of the important Baha’is. It seems that were planning to send a few of their armed men to the surrounding area. It has been noticed that their number has decreased since ten days ago; if no action is taken to stop this, an unexpected situation might happen.


The report has been submitted. 169 –

23 Mordad 1323 [14 August 1944]

Gholam-Reza Yaghmaei


Copy is the same as the original [Stamp: Ministry of Post, Telegram and Telephone]


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