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Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts

Office: Kashan Education and Endowments

Unit: Education

Dated: 5 Shahrivar 1309 [27 August 1930]

Number: 647

Enclosure: -----


The Esteemed Office of Educational Training

To the Honourable Minister of Education and Endowments, may your glory last

In response to the respected circular 10518-5371 – 22 Mordad 1309 [13 August 1930] to ascertain names and dates of establishment of private schools without licences, you are respectfully informed that the aforementioned schools are as follows:

  1. Vahdat-e Bashar girls’ school: operating as an old-fashioned school since 1332 [1953] up to a while ago. It has recently been converted into a primary school since a couple of months ago; its principal is Mrs. Soraya Nabili.
  2. Kashan [illegible] school: established over twenty years ago with two classes for girls and the rest for boys. Last year the girls’ and boys’ schools were separated. Principal of boys is (Monsieur Nebarsh), and girls’ principal is (Madame Nebarsh). Citizenships of both are unknown.
  3. [Mahmoudieh] school: began on the first of Muharram 1332 A.H. [30 November 1913], and its principal is Aqa Seyyed Mohammad Yousef Razavi.
  4. [Atigheh] girls’ school: established in 1306 [1927]; its founder and principal is Mrs. Bozorg Sokhan Sanj.     
  5. Ma’refate Aran school: according to the principals, it has been in operation since twenty years ago. However, in 1338 [A.H.] [1920], it acquired seal and signature and became a school. Its principal is Mirza Abdolhossein Mahmoudi.


Kashan Education and Endowments Representative

[Signature and stamp]


[Stamp with the following writings]


Received by the General Office of Education

Number 6405 – 15 Shahrivar 1309 [6 September 1930]