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San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran

[Date: End of Tir 1326 [July 1947]

Number: 2030/B/153

Enclosure: -----


Office of the Prime Minister


In response to letter, number 4/1190- 24 Tir 1326 [16 July 1947] we inform you that: As the Provincial Governor General of the second Provence has written in the letter number 428, the provocations of Aazami and Vatandoost and their protection and promotion of some of the workers is the cause of existence of the Faction and disagreements. The bank also means to keep the work environment and its administration away from the disturbance of the classification and instigation of such individuals.

It is expected that, as it have been clarified, the office of Governor General and the law enforcement officers are constantly taking care of the affairs and are more diligent in disposing of such adventurous elements from the workplace so that labourers and factory workers can carry out the duties, performed in a relaxed environment and appropriate training has been provided in relation to the opinions given by the office of Governor General to the provincial employees and the law enforcement agencies in co-operation with the factory chiefs and it is hoped that with better cooperation with the bank’s agents, the adventurous elements will be completely ousted from the factory environment and will not be [causing] disturbance in the future.


Board of directors of Industrial and Mineral Bank, [two signatures]


[In the margin 1:] Background: 1338/4-3 Mordad 26

[In the margin 2:] Also notify the governor of the second province.