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Ministry of Justice

Department of All Ministries

Number: 24131

Dated: 17 Mehr 1323 [9 October 1944]

Enclosure: 6 pages


Head of Ministers

Pursuant to letter number 1344, dated 10 Mehr 1323 [2 October 1944], regarding the recent incident in Shahroud, we hereby present to Your Highness a copy of the report produced by Mr. Jamshidi, the investigator who was sent to Shahroud: In order to expedite the investigation, an interrogator has been designated by the central authority and sent to the location.  It is believed that there is no need to make any changes in the agents.

Minister of Justice, [on behalf of, signature]


[Handwritten note 1:] [Stamp: Received by the Office of Head of All Ministries, Number: 12770, Date: 19 Mehr 23 [11 October 1944]].

[Handwritten note 2:] Write to the Ministry of the Interior to take the necessary actions based on the report and opinions provided by Mr. Jamshidi. 30 Mehr [22 October]

[Handwritten note 3:] Background, 30 Mehr 1323 [22 October 1944]