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Ministry of the Interior

Office: Southern

Area: ------


Date: 17 Khordad 1305 [8 June 1926]

Number: 1254 Attachment: ------


The Esteemed Cabinet of the Prime Minister

In response to letter number 8014, dated 16 Khordad, we trouble you since it is likely that the Jahrom incident has a record with the esteemed Cabinet of the Prime Minister. Briefly, a few months ago a few people were killed and injured because of some religious conflicts. At that time, based on the order and guidance from the capital, a group of police and agents of the province went to the place of the incident, along with judicial interrogators, and restored the peace and order. They called the perpetrators and suspects to the capital and interrogated them. The province has been urged to report the results of the investigations and interrogations as soon as possible, so that you may be informed and be able to issue the necessary decision.

Mansour [Signature and stamp]



[Handwritten note:] It was reported - 17 Khordad [8 June 1926]

[Stamp: Entrance at the Office of the Prime Minister]

Dated: 21 Khordad 1305 [12 June 1926]

Number: 4347