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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate General of the Third Province

Number: 632/969

Date: 29 Khordad 1324 [19 June 1945]



The Office of the Governorate General of the Third Province,

The Police Headquarters of Khalkhal reports: On 26 Ordibehesht 1324 [16 May 1945], Eshagh Vahdat and Yaghoub Vahdat, who are both teachers of the Baha’i religion, arrived in the Village of Harowabad (coinciding with the arrival of Seyyed Hamdollah Zekaei, the representative of the National Consultative Assembly), and have been residing at the house of Sadr-Mahdavi, a Baha’i landowner of the village. The inhabitants are suspicious of their teaching activities; they have complained to the authorities, and request that their activities be prevented. Meanwhile, the two mentioned individuals have gone to the Village of Al‑e Hashem and have started their teaching undertakings.

Since most residents of the village are descendants of Prophet [Sadat], they have come to Harowabad to complain about [the Baha’is’] activities. They have referred to the Governorate and Mr. Zekaei and have requested the prevention of these pursuits. As a result, the gendarmerie dispatched agents to that place and summoned and interrogated the two individuals, who were planning to start sedition and demonstrate. Later on, the heads of the departmental offices and the gendarmerie were invited to meet, and a written promise was taken from the aforementioned Baha’is to avoid sedition and corruption and comply with the law. In case they have any complaint, they can refer to the Governorate.

Acting Director of the Police Headquarters of the Third Province,


 Copy of the above is submitted to the Ministry of the Interior for information

[Number: 514 - 30 Khordad 1324 [20 June 1945] – Confidential]


Acting Director of the Third Province,



[Handwritten note 1:] [Stamp: Confidential Office – Ministry of the Interior, number: 2382, date: 5 Tir 1324 [26 July 1945]]

[Handwritten note 2:] Political Office

[Handwritten note 3:] Seemingly, no action is necessary. If permitted, archive it. 14 Tir 1324 [5 July 1945]

[Handwritten note 4:] Archive it.