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Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Islamic Republic of Iran

Number: 14775

Date: 19 Mehr 1378 [11 October 1999]

Enclosure: -----


Respectfully, in execution of the order number 621/76/614/S, dated 5 Mehr 1378 [27 September 1999], the undersigned execution officers, accompanied by esteemed representatives of the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order and Sister Shabani of the Social [Services] Office of [redacted], were dispatched to the confiscated property of Mr. Hosein Azami. We knocked, according to the order, and followed [all] religious and legal regulations, but no one opened the door. We were attempting to open the door when we were attacked with wooden sticks by the occupant and his family. Following a confrontation, we took inventory of the contents existing in the house, and left the property. The complete list is as follows:

1- One used 12-metre handwoven rug; 2- One used 21-inch Grundig television set; 3- Eighteen used chairs with cloth covers; 4- One used 3-metre rug; 5- One used National electric vacuum cleaner; 6- One round table with wooden legs; 7- One used wooden dining table for six; 8- Three small wooden tables; [number 9 is missing]; 10- Two small glass tables; 11- One six-metre handwoven rug; 12- One used 12-metre handwoven rug; 13- One gold coloured electric samovar; 14- One round copper tray; 15- Two wooden TV-tables; 16- Wooden chair with cloth cover; 17- Five handwoven one-metre rugs; 18- One wooden table; 19- One wooden shoe rack; 20- One used Aiwa video [recorder] E212; 21- Desk with wooden chair; 22- One single bed; 23- One used Bosch drill; 24- One Philipps electric shaver; 25- One desk lamp; 26- One telephone; 27- One used 2x½-metre rug; 28- One vanity table; 29- One double bed; 30- One six-metre kilim; 31- One wooden bookcase; 32- One 21-inch television (not working); 33- Two wooden single beds; 34- One six-metre handwoven rug; 35- One worn-out wooden TV-table; 36- One used Sony tape-recorder; 37- One small two-drawer dresser; 38- Wooden bookcase with two glass doors; 39- Table with four wooden chairs; 40- One brass charcoal samovar with bowl and tray; 41- One Iran General Electric refrigerator; 41[repeated]- One Azmayesh refrigerator/ freezer; 42- One Lavamat washing machine; 43- One Luxury 5-burner gas stove with oven; 44- One Arj kerosene heater; 45- Four Persi gas cylinders (tanks); 46- Two 2-metre handwoven rugs; 47- One yellow brass charcoal samovar; 48- Five wall clocks; 49- One small six-drawer dresser; 50- One Pars Khazar rice-cooker; 51- One copper bucket; 52- 145 books, various kinds; 53- One rectangular mirror with wooden frame; 54- Twenty photo frames, various sizes; 55- One black telephone; 56- One table lamp; 57- One copper rosewater dispenser with tray; 58- One metal frame; 59- Two decorative brass dishes; 60- A number of knives, forks and salt-shakers; 61- One electric table lamp; 62- One pottery vase; 63- Two metal candlesticks; 64- Two glass candy dishes; 65- One glass vase; 66- Set of china plates and bowls for four; 67- One metal ladder; 68- One hand-held CB radio; 69- One broken wooden chair with cloth cover; 70- Some bedding; 71- Three tennis rackets; 72- wooden chess box; 73- A large amount of men’s and women’s clothing; 74- Several pairs of men’s and women’s shoes; 75- A small Casio radio; 76- One metal vase; 77- A broken old sewing machine; 78- Three-piece Persis; 79- Three-piece Porsak; 80- twenty-four [drinking] glasses of various sizes; 81- Six glass ashtrays; 82- One scale with weight; 83- Large number of china dishes; 84- Large number of melamine dishes; 85- Several [pieces of] Teflon kitchenware and some plastic [illegible]; 86- Four large tote bags filled with clothes; 87- Some aluminium kitchenware; 88- One broken National vacuum cleaner; 89- China in an old box; 90- Two worn-out electric irons; 91- One used ironing board; 92- One broken Arj refrigerator; 93- Four 200-litre kerosene containers; 94- One used two-wave VEF radio; 95- Some make-up products; 96- Two used pressure cookers.

In closing, there were ninety-six classified items. Since Mr. Hosein Azami refused to receive the items, and said “I will throw them in the street and will take photos and videos”, and he swore at and insulted police and the esteemed representatives of the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order and the relevant judge who had issued the order, we took the items to the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order storage [area] and delivered them to the esteemed representatives of the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order. Also, after evacuation, we locked up the above-mentioned property with lead seals numbered 2925 and 3284, which were handed over to the esteemed representatives of the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order with the keys.

We hereby submit the minutes.    

The Execution Officers

[Signature] Moghaddam

19 Mehr 1378 [11 October 1999]

[Two illegible signatures]

Esteemed representatives of the Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order

[Signature] Soleimani

19 Mehr 1378 [11 October 1999]

Third Lieutenant Akbar Mohammadi Sharbat

[Signature] Sharbat

19 Mehr 1378 [11 October 1999]

[Signature] Khoshnoud

19 Mehr 1378 [11 October 1999]

[Two illegible signatures]

Social [Services] Office Officer

[Signature] Shabani

19 Mehr 1378 [11 October 1999]