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Number: 362

Date: 29 Aban 1322 [21 November 1943]

Subject: Eviction of Iranian Baha’is from Iraq



Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In response to the letter of 7 Aban 1322 [30 October 1943] and number 3154, from the classified office with regard to the Iraqi government’s action for eviction of the Baha’is, [I would like to let you know that] a group of the Baha’is, under the pretext of pilgrimage, were successful in obtaining visas from the Embassy of Iraq. It is observed that in their passports is written “Visa for Pilgrimage”. However, a few of them, after entering Iraq, have succeeded in obtaining the residence permit. The government of Iraq, apparently with the excuse that “Baha’is do not have residence permits, and those who enter Iraq for pilgrimage are not allowed to stay longer than two to three months”, has given notice to the Baha’is that they have to leave Iraq after the expiry of their [pilgrimage] visas.

In reality, according to the investigations that are carried out, [it seems that] during the past two to three months, a large number of Baha’is have come to Iraq and have resided in different parts of the country. The government of Iraq has become suspicious. It is suspected that this group has come to Iraq to perform a mission, at the same time as they are busy doing religious propaganda [teaching], and would like to engage in political propaganda, too. In bringing up the subject of the pilgrimage, and by referring to it, the government has issued orders for their eviction. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq has not yet sent any response to the Embassy’s memorandum.  It was re-emphasised to them that they should issue a swift response. The results will be reported subsequently.


Ambassador [Signature: Mohsen Raiis]