Three  Baha’is Executed for Connection with the House of Justice


Page 2   Sunday 23/1/1360 [12 April 1981]   No. 94   Iran News


For Crime of Connection with the House of Justice, 3 Baha’is were Executed by Firing Squad

By order of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, Mehdi Anvari Nafti [Tafti], son of Masih, charged with close connection with the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, and Colonel Vahdat, on unsubstantiated allegation of collaboration with SAVAK and instigators of the recent [attempted] Coup d etat; monetary contributions to the House of Justice in Haifa, and receiving a letter of appreciation from this centre; causing division and confusion among Muslims; and membership in the national assembly of the Baha’is; and Hedayatollah Dehghani, son of Nasrollah, native of Abadeh, Shiraz, [was] convicted of connection with Colonel Vahdat; recruitment of uninformed and illiterate people, especially villagers, and receiving a letter of appreciation for his efforts from the Baha’i National Assembly for contacting 250 elders, sheriffs, and heads of Ashayer tribesmen; recording of the phone conversations of the government authorities; intimidation of Baha’is who were guided to Islam; and for active involvement in Baha’i assemblies of Abadeh. For these and other crimes, they were adjudged as being ‘Corrupts on Earth;’ [and engaging in] ‘Waging War against God, His Prophet and the 12th Imam’, and sentenced to death. The court order, subsequent to the endorsement of the Supreme Court, was enforced yesterday at 6 p.m.