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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarters

Intelligence Office

First Division


[Date:] 2 Azar 1322 [24 November 1943]

Number: A/1112657/10678


Honourable Prime Minister,


Pursuant to letter number 13035, dated 21 Shahrivar 1322 [13 September 1943] we hereby respectfully submit that, according to the reports of the relevant Police Force, the religion of the head of the department of Post and Telegraph of Ahvaz has been confirmed as Baha’i, yet there has not been any propagation by him in this regard, therefore, whatever has been reported on the matter is not true.

About the issue of the head of the Masjid Soleyman Post and Telegraph Office, there was no evidence to support [the allegation] that he has forced his daughter (Tal‘at Sami‘i) to dance.  The allegation of her affairs with a student is unfounded and no evidence was found to that effect.

However on 25 Esfand 1322 [16 March 1944], Mrs Sirous, an employee of the Petroleum Company, has lodged a complaint with the Department of Education and sought justice. A male student of the Sirous high school, by the name of Johnny Israelian has stopped her daughter Jaleh on her way to school and has made unchaste [inappropriate] comments to her. This matter has been followed up by the Department of Education and the police, but given the unwillingness of the parents of the mentioned girl to publicly press charges, the case has been left inactive for now.  It should also be mentioned that the students Israelian and Zobdehnaman, who are the perpetrators of this action and felt that they were about to be dismissed from the school, had a fight in the high school, and for this reason, they themselves and their case have been handed over to the district court.


Head of the National Police, First Colonel, Seyf



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