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Ministry of Justice

Department of Supervision

Number 6469/3548

Date: 30 Ordibehesht 1323 [20 May 1944]



The Head of the Cabinet,

Referring to the letter dated 23891 – 6 Esfand 1322 [26 February 1944] about the telegraphic complaint of Heshmatollah Towfigh and others against Mousaviyan-e Bazzaz, I would like to convey that this matter has been investigated by the District Court of Damghan. According to the court report quoted [in the complaint], “The complainants are a few Baha’is from Sangsar who have travelled to Damghan for religious propaganda or business. Several times they have complained to the police that the residents insult their religion by employing derogatory language and threatening them.” Recently, their records have been submitted to the courthouse by police, without sending the accused to the court. This matter is under investigation.

They do not have any evidence to support their claims. It seems that they are only eager to become known and introduce themselves to the public, or, by threatening people, force them into submissiveness. Otherwise, there is no revolution or rebellion and no one has discriminated against them. The above-mentioned person, Mousavian-e Bazzaz, is a respected Haji[1] and an elder of Damghan. He is not a deceiver or impostor who may become involved in such affairs.

On the other hand, the prompt and swift action of the police in investigating and attending to their complaint, versus the slow and cautious action of the court and justice system—which requires thorough examination of the case, following all the regulations and calling the perpetrators at the appointed hour—has made them suspicious of the impartiality of the investigation process.

The other reason for this is that Mr. Heshmatollah Towfigh and one of his religious friends have been accused of theft, and some stolen goods have been discovered in their homes. They are under the impression that by threatening they can divert the attention of the court from prosecuting them. They complain in order to create commotion, and their complaint is stained with the hidden agenda of the slanderers. However, the court has been instructed to finalize its investigations as soon as possible, and submit its report.


The Minister of Justice [on his behalf]



[Handwritten Note 1:] Records, 1 Khordad [1323] [21 May 1944]

[Handwritten Note 2:] Archives

[Handwritten Note 3:] Number 402 – 4 Khordad 1323 [24 may 1944]

[First Record]



[1] Haji: A Muslim who has been on pilgrimage to Mecca