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Ministry of Justice

Office of the Ministry

Number: 35157

Date: 16 Dey 1323 [5 January 1945]


The Head of the Cabinet,


Referring to letter number 16019, dated 28 Azar 1323 [19 December 1944], containing a copy of the letter from Mrs. Fatemeh Naderi, mother of Asadollah, who was killed, I would like to bring to your attention that the report of the event by Mr. Jamshidi, the investigator dispatched to Shahroud, was submitted under letter number 24131, dated Monday, 17 Mehr 1323 [8 October 1944], for your attention. Subsequently, a special inspector was appointed from the headquarters and was dispatched; he is currently busy investigating and handling all the complaints.


Minister of Justice [signed on behalf of]


[Handwritten note]: [Stamp: Arrived at office of the Prime Minister, number: 17902, date: 11 Dey 1323 [1 January 1945]