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Ministry of the Interior

Ministerial Office

Number: 33525

Date: 28 Mordad 1323 [19 August 1944]


Distinguished Prime Minister, Mr. Sa‘ed,

[In response to your inquiry], according to the latest reports submitted for your information, I would convey that to investigate the recent events of Shahroud, to punish the inciters and to safeguard the safety of the town, ten armed policemen, five detectives, one colonel and thirty armed gendarmes, together with one officer from Tehran, have been dispatched to the area. Also, twenty gendarmes have been already added to the [existing] local gendarmerie. At present, this number of men are to prevent any kind of uprising. So far, they have been able to recover and return some of the stolen goods to their owners.

To investigate the root cause of the rebellion, Colonel Rastegar and Mr. Ameri, who is an inspector from the Ministry of the Interior, as well as Mr. Abdol-Baghi Jamshidi, who, as per the request of the Ministry of the Interior has been commissioned on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, are taking the pertinent actions.

The head of the Police Headquarters of Shahroud has been summoned by the National Police Force Headquarters. A few days ago, the local Police Headquarters had reported that it did not have the facilities for the arrest of 500 participants involved in the rebellion. In response, an immediate arrest of the inciters was ordered, until such time that the culpability of others would be determined during the investigations. Colonel Rastegar had suggested applying martial law in that locality. On this subject, the head of the armed forces is of the opinion that if the number of dispatched gendarmes would not suffice, the armed forces would take action. About this matter, the opinion of the Governorate of Shahroud has been sought.


Minister of the Interior, 

[Signature: Abdol-Hosein Hajir]


[Handwritten note 1:] In the meeting of 28 Mordad 1323 [19 August 1944] necessary orders were given to the minister of justice and the minister of the interior, for urgent and serious follow-up. 28 Mordad 1323 [19 August 1944]

[Handwritten note 2:] For now, attach the records and archive. 29 Mordad 1323 [20 August 1944]

[Handwritten note 3:] Registered at the Office of the Prime Minister, under number 9422, dated 30 Mordad 1323 [21 August 1944]