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Ministry of the Interior,

Law Enforcement Office


Copy of a telegraph from Zahedan Number: 81 [83]; Date: 10/4/1325 [1 July1946] of Ministry/Department, which the original has been registered under number: ------


Ministry of the Interior,

Following coded [message] 81, as, [during] the first two days, the religious tension was high, taking a hard-line approach was not advisable. The authorities were ordered to behave calmly. During 48 hours, only a few Baha’is were assaulted.  After two days, when the tension was reduced, hard-line action was applied and order was established [in the city]. If it had been done in a different way, there could have been disturbances and bloodshed.

Ultimately, the events in Birjand could again cause some problems in Zahedan. As the head of the police force is busy, [and given that] he has no influence over those under him nor the residents, they have become suspicious of him. If the local conditions make it necessary, orders will be given that his deputy take over the police force and he [the chief] move back [to commanding brigade].

[Please order that] the commander of the brigade [be] commended for establishing order.


Request instructions through telegraph 83,



This is true copy of the original