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Municipality of Zanjan; [No number; Date:2/1326] [April 1947];

[no number,]




Director General of the Office of Prime Minister,


In reference to letter no 286/4 regarding Jafar Dini, the teacher at Azar girls high-school. Respectfully I report that: Jafar Dini is a 30 year old young man who has obtained level four degree in teaching and was teaching history, geography, mathematics and literature at Azar high-school. In the middle of 12/1325 [February 1947] one of the preachers started bad mouthing against his father Khalilipour on the pulpits and connecting his family to the Bahai religion. The Head of the Office of Cultural of Zanjan considering him to be a Bahai and his age, changed his job from teaching to working in the Department of Training. After that there has been no trouble and it is for some times that the subject has been left quiet.


Governor of Zanjan, Kolhar,



[Margin 1:] Male teachers, considering similar cases what action should be taken]

[Margin 2:] previous 28/2/1326 -[19 May 1947]

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[Margin 4:] number 513/4- 28/2/1326 -] [19 May 1947]