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Ministry of the Interior

Department of Agricultural Affairs

Copy of Report number: 4457/745; dated 2 Aban 1325 [24 October 1946] of Ministry/Department which the original has been registered under number:-----

Confidential and direct


Ministry of the Interior


Pursuant to confidential [letter number] 12 of 5 Shahrivar 1325 [27 August 1946], as a result of the events during the month of Ramadan, the commotion that resulted around the Baha’i promoters and Kasravi [promoters] and the uprising of the people against these two groups, which had caused disorder in the city, ended in the exile of Sayyid Javad Mohajer, the pharmacist, Keshavarz, government employee, and Borhani, the Finance Office employee, and the city was calm for a few days.  Recently, Mohajer, the pharmacist, who has been living in Khorramabad for the last few years, while occupied with selling pharmaceuticals, set up an assembly and began to spread Baha’ism.  He has important interests in real estate and pharmaceutical wholesale, and has amassed a great deal of wealth, which has been the cause of competition by other pharmacists and some clergy.  His harmful and arousing (confidential) [religious] propagation has caused excitement among people who are interested in religion, and in recent days he has asked the Armed Forces number 2 and the Mayor’s Office to be allowed to return.  In his letter, he asked that, if the people of Khorramabad are against his staying [in that city], he be allowed to come to Khorramabad for a few days to transfer his belongings.


Before receiving permission, he came to Khorramabad. [This caused] excitement, and people got together in the mosque and incited demonstrations and protests.  At night, their leaders were met by two or three well-informed and educated people, and I personally went to the mosque, as they were trying to gather in the mosque, and, with the good care shown by the head of the Mayor’s Office (Mr. Zaynolabedin Sarmehr Yousofi) and the head of the military police and a few heads of offices and the commissions, the mosque was well-protected and the offensive and harmful actions of some [people] were prevented.  Fortunately, in this sensitive and dangerous situation, the path to organizing a revolution and mutiny was blocked.  At this time, I am very careful to keep the order and for the information… I draw Your Honour’s attention to the attached copies of the letter from the pharmacist, the report of the Mayor’s Office and the letter from the Army’s Legion 5 of Khorramabad.  Please, along with issuing an order, return these documents.  All is up to the order of Your Honour.


Governor of Khorramabad, Mashayekhi, signature

Copy is equivalent to the original, [signature]