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Head Office of Physical Education of Mazandaran Province

Babolsar Physical Education Office

In the Name of God

Date: 27/1/1367 [16 April 1988]

Number: 40


Head Office of Physical Education of Mazandaran Province - With Greeting

Reference letter number 50/436/10, [dated] of 22/1/1367 [11 April 1988], and the photocopy of the land title as attached, in the visit to the said property, along with Mr. Ali Mohammadpour from Babolsar Physical Training and Ziafatollah Khalili, the owner of the land, [it was observed that] the land which is the subject of the protest had been confiscated by some of the so-called athletes of the Village of Arab Khil, a suburb of Babolsar. They destroyed quite a few citrus trees with the roots still in the ground. Almost 2,000 crafted citrus trees with stems still exist.  [They] erected a flag to utilise it as a martyrs’ stadium after [they] installed the football gate on this property, which is more than two acres and a half (25,000 square metres). This report is sent for any appropriate action.


Your [brother,] Sayyid Mahmoud Saiyad


Brother Ziafatollah Khalili [illegible], for information and follow-up

[hand written note, number and date at the bottom of the page]

/40 [dated] 27/1/1367 [16 April 1988]