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Ministry of the Interior

Head Office of the Police Force,

Office: Intelligence

Branch: Confidential department;

Date: 22/4/1323 - [12 June 1944]

Number: 1-/2701/346


The Ministry of the Interior


In reference to [letter] number 1438/1276 – [dated:] 9/2/1323- [29 April 1944] we convey that the Police Force of Zahedan, according to the information received from the Police Force of Zabol, is reporting that the real idea behind the establishment of the Sahebolzamani Committee, according to its founders, was to practice religious ceremonies and spread its teachings. They also intended to solve the misunderstandings that arose during the Ashora period between literates and religious orators and also between Muslims and some Baha’is, who had come to Zabol for trade. The Police Force of Zahedan has added that as Zabol is a border district, the citizens take advantage of the smallest groups and gatherings. The formation of such groups is not appropriate for security and peace, especially for the Baha’is in Zabol. For this reason, the Governorate of Zabol has given instructions to the local police force to prevent the formation of groups, as they are against the borders policies. Therefore, it is requested that any decision which should be taken be conveyed in writing, so proper orders can be given.


Acting Head Office of the Police Force, Colonel Seif [signature]


[Margin 1:] Stamp. Registered in the confidential department of the Ministry of the Interior, number

                   17991- Date; 24/3/1323 – [14/June 1944]   

[Margin 2:] To be reported.

[Margin 3:] Political, 24/3/1323 - [14/6/1944]

[Margin 4:] Stamp: Ministry of the Interior, Office of Politics, no: 2177, date: 28/3/1323 - [18/6/1944]

[Margin 5:] Background to be provided 28/3/[1323] - [18 June 1944]

[Margin 6:] To prevent the formation of crowds has no legal justification. [Any decision] should be made according to the experienced, political [illegible] governor so he can put an end to this, according to his discretion or the demands of the situation.


[Margin 7:] Archive 5/7

[Archive number::293002396]