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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[The Emblem]

The Ministry of the Interior

The Law Enforcement Office

Date: 11 Mehr1326 [4 October 1947]

Number 16514/n/58697

Enclosure:  None


Director of Office of the Prime Minister,

In response to your letter number 12735-5 Mehr [13]26[28 September 1947],and the attached copy of the telegraph received from Golpayegan [telegraph dated 3 Shahrivar 1326 926 August 1947)] complaining to the Police Headquarter  about [Mr] Furutan and some other individuals ‑ the necessary orders for an investigation of the matter and prohibition of the actions contrary to the regulations were issued.


Minister of the Interior

[Signature:  On behalf of Fereydouni]


[Side Note 1:] [Stamp: Entered in the Office of the Prime Minister, number 14840, date: 13 Mehr 1326 (6 October 1947)]

[Side Note 2:] Mr. Fakhraei, 13 Mehr [13]26] [6 October 1947]

[Side Note 3:] Records 13 Mehr 1326] [6 October 1947]

[Side Note 4:]  Hold it for the time being, until the outcome of the actions taken by the National Gendarmerie office is received.