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Department: ------



Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone


Record: ------, Number: ------, Dated: ------, Ministry/Department at which the original was registered under number: ------


The investigative office, Semnan, Ministry. We convey the exact report received from Sangsar as follows. The report from Sangsar, 10 Ordeibehesht 1316 [30 April 1937]. Yesterday, the Baha’is of Sangsar held an elaborate celebration and holiday. Inquiries were made surrounding the matter. It is said that it was the Flower Festival for the Baha’is. This group does not follow the celebrations, mournful occasions, or official holidays of the country in the same way. They follow a particular creed.


3 Seyedi [Saeedi] 153 Postel Semnan


The copy is identical to original.

[Stamp of the Ministry of the Post, Telegraph and Telephone]