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Ministry of the Interior,

The Tenth Provincial Governor General,

Office of the Fifteenth Regiment of Protection


Date: 12/6/25 [3 September 1946]

Number: [10148]

Copy: letter


The Honourable Governor General of the Tenth Province


Respectfully, in response to [letter] [number] 7014, [dated] 3/6/1325 [25 August 1946], an order was issued to the Police Force of Ardestan to investigate and prevent. Now, the report that has been received explains that on 3/6/1325 [25 August 1946] the head of the police force went with the head of the district to Zavareh, restored complete peace and order, and dispatched guards there to keep the order. Again, the police force reported that on the night of 6/6/1325 [28 August 1946] the public bath situated behind the Baha’i neighbourhood of Posht-Mashahad was set on fire by locals and two shots were fired. It was understood that these actions had been undertaken with the encouragement of the older local people. Another order was issued to stop such activities and to prosecute the perpetrators. The outcome will be brought to your attention at a later date.


The Head of the Fifteenth Regiment of Protection of Isfahan,