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[Newspaper:] Sepid-o Siyah

[Date:] 12 Mordad 1358 [3 August 1979]

[Issue No:] 1117

[Page:] 48


One Point on Hoveyda

The respected journal of Sepid-o Siyah,

In your issue of Sepid-o Siyah number 1112, dated 6 Tir 1358 [27 June 1979], there was [an article] related to the published photo of [Mr.] Hoveyda’s father, in which a reference was made to the donation of a carpet offered by Amir-Abbas Hoveyda to the Temple of Akka. This [statement] is incorrect, simply because the Baha’is do not have a temple in Israel and Amir-Abbas Hoveyda was not a Baha’i.

Although the father of Hoveyda was a Baha’i, up to the end of the life of Abdu’l-Baha (1921), he was expelled [from the Faith] later on, due to his interference in political affairs.

During the life of Hoveyda, neither was an action seen nor a statement heard to show his sympathy towards the Baha’i Faith, let alone to express his belief, the requirement of which is having signed a written declaration on the Baha’i registration form, which he never signed.

 Amir-Abbas Hoveyda’s mother was a Muslim, but because his [Hoveyda’s] father was once a Baha’i, he had always tried to distance himself from the attached [notoriety] of being a Baha’i by showing opposition to the Baha’i community. He would demonstrate his refutation in different ways so as to effectively deny any connection with the Baha’i community.

[In conclusion,] I would like to submit that publishing such provocative [statements] may cause the incitement of the roots of bigotry in the esteemed compatriots, leading to events similar to the happenings in Shiraz before the triumph of the Revolution, or the occurrences in Yasuj and many other regions after the triumph of the Revolution, where thousands remained homeless.


Wishing your success,

H. M.