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In the Name of God


From:  MR-A[1] of Birjand, Division 1, Personnel

To:  Mr. Rahmat Mirkazemi


Number 3 / 32 – 27 / 701 M

Date 26/12/59 [17 March 1981]


With reference to report dated 16/12/1359 [7 March 1981]


You have been dismissed by the Ministry of Defence and Ground Forces, owing to your adherence to the Baha’i ideology.  This training centre cannot take any action [for your reinstatement], accordingly, [we invite you to] write to the Ministry of Defence and NZAJA[2] in this regard.


Commander of Training Centre 4, Birjand, Colonel Niknam





[1] [Acronym: Army Training Center]

[2] [Acronym: Ground Forces of Islamic Republic Iran Army]