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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Date: Probably Farvardin 1323(March/20April 1944)]

[Copy of a Flyer against the Baha’is]


The Friendly Message


Oh People of Qom, Oh people of chastity and honour, Oh people who claim to be Muslim! Should you consider the existence of the Baha’is in your town and amity with them to be in violation of the fair name of Islam and its honour, then have mercy on your innocent children and powerless wives.   Do not allow these enemies of religion and honour to set down roots in your town.  Your government is an Islamic government.  Unitedly ask the government to throw them out as soon as possible.  Of course, by no means should you engage in any action which is in violation of public order; however, if, after you have made the request, [the government] proves to be negligent, you are not legally responsible for any action you take and you have performed your religious duty.  God is pleased with you and is your Supporter.  I emphasize again:  As far as possible, delay the public uprising and request the government to take swift actions.


From the Jameyyat-e Tarafdaran-e Din


Copy is identical to the original