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In response to [letter] number ------- and, ----

Subject: ---- please indicate

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Air Force

Air Force Command Headquarters (personnel)

23/9/1340 [14 December 1961]


Private & Confidential


To the Deputy Chief of Air Force Command Headquarters (operations)

Re: Technical Sergeant Parviz Izadi, special skill number [redacted], following N/26762, [dated:] 25/7/1340 [17 October 1961], and return 3/4088, [dated:] 13/7/1340 [5 October 1961]

  1. According to the letter from the Military Cadet School, given the fact that the above mentioned officer has declared his religion [as] Baha’i in the documents submitted, he has been prevented from being employed in the aforementioned school.
  2. Please instruct that the aforementioned person continue his employment in that section as before and [declare] his attendance. /S

Deputy Air Force Command Headquarters (personnel),
Brigadier General Morteza Soheili


The Force Command Headquarters Base, following number 3/4088, [dated:] 13/7/1340 [5 October 1961] for information and action.