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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Evin Prison

Visitation Slip

Number 11194

Group No: 13, Ward: 1, Cabin: 6, Date: 11/11, visited [inmate]:  Farhang Mavaddat , visitor:  wife

Officer’s Signature [signature]

[Handwritten note at the margin of the page]

Sample visitation slip issued for weekly visits.


Special Receipt for Delivery of Goods

Inspection of goods Lettuce, Herbs, Linen, Medication

On 2/12/1359 [21 February 1981], by Mr./Mrs. wife

For inmate Farhang Mavaddat, Ward 1, received by the undersigned Hajian.

Signature of inmate

Signature of receiver


[Handwritten note at the margin of the page]

Sample receipt for delivery of goods to inmates.