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[Personal information has been redacted.]


28 Aban 1359 [19 November 1980]


In the Name of God

This serves to explain that on 5 Khordad 1359 [26 May 1980], we, who have signed and inserted our fingerprints at the bottom of this page, received the amount of 1,117 tomans, the current currency of the country, from the local Baha’is, from their share of the autumn cultivation harvest at the Margav farm in year 1359 [1980], which, according to the owner of the registered land, is to be spent on charitable work or for the expenses of the 10th Day of [Muharram] Ashura in the tekieh [venue for praying] in the Village of Ivel.


[The names, signatures and fingerprints of several farmers of the Village of Ivel]


I certify the above content.

The Village Headman

[Name and signature]